It’s a Whirlwind

Things have been crazy since our closing on 5 Nov! Now I know why people disapear from ever posting again. Add to that the fact that I had all of our household goods delivered in one day since we moved from overseas, and that my sister would like to have Thanksgiving at our house, and I have been one busy woman!

Closing….. is wonderful. The stress that melted away from my shoulders just made everything better. Not to mention that you get the keys and that moment you have been anticipating for months on end is finally a reality. Our closing took a super long time. At least, it seemed that way to me. 3 HOURS!! So if you need childcare, make sure you make solid arrangements. My husband was also not available at closing so I had to sign not only my name on hundreds of documents, but his name plus a little legal statement after each signature. Yes. My hand hurt afterwards.


The house is slowly but surely coming together. I was really looking forward to slowly getting to know my house, making sure I took the time to decorate each room just the way I wanted it, accepting the fact that it may take months or years to get the look I want.
Fast forward to the panic and axiety I feel at having an incomplete project and in just two weeks time, the unpacking of my house is almost complete.  Of course, I have a long way to go, but even I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in so little time. This, coming from a girl who has never used a drill in her life before this major event of purchasing a house.

We have really large rosewood furniture so I was nervous at not having the morning room, but I am just in Love with my kitchen.


The living room is coming together nicely as well. I originally wanted to put our massive couch downstairs to use as the primary TV room, but…. Plans change when you can’t get your coach down the stairs. Note to others: think about that when you’re envisioning your home. Upstairs you have a bannister you can lift things over, but downstairs is a wall!


I was really torn about the initial room when you walk in the house. I didn’t want it to be our main living room, it wasn’t big enough. I didn’t want it to be a dining room because to me that’s just too far from the kitchen. What I needed was an office, but We don’t use an office enough to dedicate an entire room to it. So….. I made the area a comfy study/game room. Laptops are stored under the table, computer and printer are there, just more hidden, and the ottoman opens up to reveal our board games, etc. I’m really happy with it.



Going up the stairs…..



I’ve finished the Boys’ bathroom ….



And going down the stairs, I’ve finished the bar area.


No….. This is not the finished product. I don’t have pictures yet:(. I only have 2 days to finishing everything up though so I will post agin soon with updates.
I will leave you with proof that I’m not forgetting about the garage nor am I stacking everything in there LOL



Oh oh oh! And one more “proud me” moment.
I put these up all by myself! And let me tell you, they were a PITA!!!



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